Latest: Pokimane Leaving Twitch: Know WHY?


In the grand narrative of digital content creation, the departure of the illustrious streamer Pokimane from the streaming giant Twitch marks a pivotal moment—an epochal shift in the ever-evolving landscape. Pokimane, renowned for her distinctive amalgamation of Pokémon and her given name, Imane, ventured into the realm of streaming back in 2012. A mere two years later, in 2014, she formally established her presence on Twitch, a platform that would become the incubator for her meteoric rise.

The announcement of Pokimane’s exit from the Amazon-owned streaming colossus surfaced on X (formerly Twitter) on January 30, 2024. Accompanied by an official promotional image of the Twitch app adorned with her visage, this symbolic departure underscores the profound connection she forged with the platform over the past decade.

The decision to part ways with Twitch, while not entirely unforeseen, carries implications beyond a mere change of streaming venue. In a revelation made in September 2022, Pokimane articulated that Twitch no longer fulfilled her creative aspirations, a sentiment that hinted at a potential departure. With the official announcement of her exit, the curtain falls on this chapter of her digital journey.

“The end of an era,” she declared in her post, expressing gratitude for the memories and affection garnered during her League, Fortnite, and Among Us days. The transition becomes apparent as she refrains from Twitch streaming for approximately four days while maintaining an active presence on alternative social channels.

The path ahead for the Moroccan-Canadian luminary remains shrouded in speculation. Will she follow in the footsteps of xQc and embrace Twitch’s rival, Kick, or perhaps navigate towards the expansive realms of YouTube Gaming? The ambiguity adds a layer of intrigue to her post-Twitch trajectory.


Twitch, in response to Pokimane’s farewell, extended congratulations on her extraordinary journey spanning a decade. The accolades and accomplishments she amassed during her tenure were acknowledged, with an anticipation for the next chapter in her live-streaming odyssey.

Delving into the annals of Pokimane’s streaming origins, the year 2012 marked her commencement into the streaming arena. By 2014, her Twitch channel was officially christened, becoming the breeding ground for her subsequent digital ascendancy. A mere $250 PC, procured from a classified website, served as her initial streaming companion after achieving the Platinum rank in League of Legends.

As her followers burgeoned, she secured her position among the top 100 most-followed personalities on Twitch by 2017, earning the coveted title of Best Twitch Streamer of the Year in 2017. The trajectory continued with a cameo appearance in a League of Legends trailer in 2018, an acknowledgment of her burgeoning influence.

In 2020, Pokimane sealed a multi-year exclusivity pact with Twitch, solidifying her alignment with the platform. The zenith of her Twitch journey was marked in 2021 when she claimed the 9th spot among the platform’s most-followed users, boasting over 8.5 million followers.

Her narrative, however, was not devoid of controversies. Notably, in November 2023, she found herself in the limelight over the pricing debacle surrounding a snack she had launched. This incident, though minor, underscored the intricate tapestry of her decade-long odyssey.

In the wake of Pokimane’s departure, the winds of change gust through the streaming cosmos, leaving behind an indelible legacy and a palpable void on Twitch. The unfolding chapters of her digital journey beckon, promising a narrative yet unwritten, and a legacy yet to be fully realized.

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