Miami Heat Comeback Is LeBron James way to Win 5th Ring, Says Nick Wright

LeBron James

Prominent members of the NBA media feel LeBron James’ return to the Miami Heat is still on the table and might be a good option for the four-time NBA champion. As many NBA fans are aware, King James is largely recognised as the best player of all time and currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

In his 21-year NBA career, LeBron has won two championships with the Miami Heat and two more with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers. Despite being at the twilight of his career, King James is still playing at a high level and is clearly looking to win another title before his inevitable retirement.

With the NBA trade deadline just a few days away, the Los Angeles Lakers’ future appears to be uncertain. Nick Wright is a popular sports television presenter and basketball expert. He recently stated that the only way for LeBron to win a championship would be to leave the Lakers.

Nick Wright urges the Miami Heat to trade Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson for LeBron James

Veteran NBA fans will remember that LeBron managed to win his first 2 NBA championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013. Several stories suggested that James’ relationship with the Heat executive staff worsened after he departed and returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite reaching the NBA Finals twice, the Heat have yet to win a championship.

Although it is uncertain whether LeBron wants to return to the Heat, Nick Wright believes Miami should press the Lakers to seek a deal. Especially if the Lakers continue to struggle and their chances of winning a championship this season are significantly reduced.

Last but not least, the Miami one. No picks but you get Tyler Herro under contract and Duncan Robinson to make it work. Here’s the point that I would make and I don’t know where you (Broussard) stand. Every single one of those teams would be better positioned to win a title than the Lakers are.”

Wright was only talking hypothetical trade situations with Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes, so there is no reason to anticipate King James will join the Heat. However, one would ask if he will be able to bring them another title assuming that this move goes through.

Will a return to the Miami Heat guarantee LeBron his 5th NBA title?

Given the depth of skill on Western Conference competitors’ rosters, it is almost impossible to predict whether LeBron will win another title with the Heat. Especially given he is in Year 21 and near the tail end of his NBA career.

Giving away Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson to get an ageing LeBron James is also a risky decision for the Heat. After all, LeBron has always been successful when surrounded by a terrific three-point shooter. As a result, trading away two of their top shooters for him may not benefit the Heat.

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