KNOW Why Travis Kelce Will Not Travel With Taylor Swift for the Grammys

KNOW Why Travis Kelce Will Not Travel With Taylor Swift for the Grammys

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, two new celebrity couples in the United States, are having some amazing times together. Kelce has found her lady by him in every setting and situation since they began dating. The parent is often seen praising and encouraging her boy from the stands.

However, when it comes time for Kelce to cheer up and encourage the pop singer, he falls short. But Kelce isn’t doing it on purpose or without a reason; he has a legitimate reason for his absence. Swift will attend the 66th Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 4, 2024.

While some will attend the event with their partners, Swift will be without her kid. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end will fly to Vegas the same weekend as the ceremony. Kelce and company have a busy agenda this week as they prepare for the Super Bowl versus the San Francisco 49ers.

The news of Kelce’s absence angered many who expected to see the couple on Grammy night. According to sources, Kelce is unlikely to appear with Swift at the biggest music event in Los Angeles. As a result, the singer may arrive alone or with a group of her pals.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are reportedly planning to get engaged

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce

The actual date of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s engagement remains undisclosed. However, earlier this month, a few reports suggested that the dynamic duo might engage in July. Later, a twist in the plot occurs when a well-known star reader in the country forecasts their engagement date.

An astrologer called Kyle assumed they would not marry soon. They have a strong bond and are extremely supportive and compassionate towards one another, although engagement will take time.

Kyle also chose a few tarot cards that matched their vibes, and the cards predict that the couple will have a wonderful and sweet time together for a long time. However, the most exciting news revealed by the astrologer was that the proposal may come soon. He imagined 2025 might be the start of the Kelce Swift era.

When did Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift start dating

taylor swift travis kelce

No one knows exactly when Kelce and Swift began dating. Both superstars kept the date a secret. Taylor Swift confirmed her romance with Travis Kelce on December 6, 2023. She was discovered in the stands at a City Chiefs game on September 24, 2023.

September is generally shown as the month when their love story began. Swift was later probed about her relationship history during an interview. She responded when the tight end put her on blast in his podcast; soon after, they got close, but she didn’t specify the exact date.

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