Atletico Madrid Beats Real Madrid 4-2 in Copa del Rey Classic

Atletico Madrid Beats Real Madrid 4-2 in Copa del Rey Classic


In the heart of Madrid, a football spectacle unfolded as Atletico Madrid clashed with arch-rivals Real Madrid in a thrilling Copa del Rey encounter. This derby duel, played at the iconic Metropolitano, not only lived up to its historic rivalry but also etched a memorable chapter in the annals of football history.

The Metropolitano Showdown Unveiled Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

The packed Metropolitano bore witness to a clash of titans, with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid locking horns in a fiery encounter. This showdown came merely a week after Real’s triumphant 5-3 victory in the Spanish Super Cup semifinals, promising heightened stakes and delivering a peppery affair that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid

A Rollercoaster of Goals

The football drama kicked off as Atletico’s winger, Samuel Lino, electrified the crowd by opening the scoring in the 39th minute. A defensive mishap from Real’s Antonio Rüdiger gifted Lino an opportunity that he expertly capitalized on. However, the pendulum swung swiftly as Atletico’s goalkeeper, Jan Oblak, unintentionally sent the ball into his own net from a Luka Modric free kick, leveling the score just before the halftime whistle.

In the 57th minute, another twist unfolded when midfielder Eduardo Camavinga’s errant pass back to his own area confounded Atletico’s goalkeeper and Rüdiger, allowing Álvaro Morata to tap the ball into an empty net. This series of events set the stage for a riveting second half.

In the 82nd minute, a missed opportunity by Morata from close range triggered a Real counter-attack. Jude Bellingham’s precise cross found Joselu, who headed in the equalizer, pushing the match into extra time.

Griezmann’s Magic and Riquelme’s Finish: Atletico’s Heroic Moments

Extra time unfolded as a canvas for Atletico’s heroes to paint their masterpieces. In the 100th minute, Antoine Griezmann showcased brilliance by intercepting the ball from Vinicius Junior, embarking on a dazzling run, and slotting it into the net. This moment of magic stirred the Metropolitano into a frenzy.

The drama reached its pinnacle in the 119th minute when Rodrigo Riquelme secured the win with a clinical finish. These moments not only highlighted the individual brilliance of Griezmann and Riquelme but also underscored Atletico’s resilience as a team.

Simeone and Ancelotti: Touchline Drama

Beyond the on-field heroics, the touchline witnessed heated exchanges between Atletico’s coach Diego Simeone and Real’s Vinícius. The post-regulation conversation hinted at a possible disagreement, possibly triggered by Vinícius’s celebration after Joselu’s goal. The intensity spilled over, with Vinícius engaging in a dispute with a ball boy at the Metropolitano.

Ancelotti’s Unbeaten Streak Shattered

Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid entered the game on an impressive 21-match unbeaten run, with 17 wins and four draws in all competitions. However, Atletico Madrid, fueled by determination, shattered this streak in a pulsating encounter that showcased the unpredictability and excitement that football enthusiasts crave.


Diego Simeone expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, labeling Griezmann’s goal as “amazing.” The victory not only ended Real Madrid’s unbeaten streak but also underscored Atletico’s resilience and determination. As Atletico Madrid advances to the Copa del Rey quarterfinals, football fans eagerly await the next chapter in this captivating tournament.


  1. What led to Atletico Madrid’s opening goal in the 39th minute?
    Atletico’s Samuel Lino capitalized on a defensive error from Real’s Antonio Rüdiger to open the scoring.
  2. How did the match reach extra time, and who were the key contributors for Atletico?
    The match entered extra time after Real’s Joselu equalized in the 82nd minute. Atletico’s heroes, Griezmann and Riquelme, secured the win.
  3. What caused the touchline drama between Simeone and Vinícius?
    The touchline drama seemingly stemmed from Vinícius’s celebration after Joselu’s goal, leading to a spirited exchange with coach Diego Simeone.
  4. Did Atletico’s victory end Real Madrid’s unbeaten streak?
    Yes, Atletico Madrid’s victory shattered Real Madrid’s impressive 21-match unbeaten run.
  5. Which teams will Atletico Madrid join in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals?
    Atletico will be in the company of Barcelona, Girona, Real Sociedad, Celta Vigo, Mallorca, Athletic Bilbao, and Sevilla in the quarterfinal draw.

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