Atletico Madrid Beats Real Madrid 4-2 in Copa del Rey Classic in Extra Time

Atletico Madrid Beats Real Madrid 4-2 in Copa del Rey Classic in Extra Time


Atletico Madrid made a spectacular comeback, defeating Real Madrid 4-2 in extra time and advancing to the Copa del Rey quarterfinals. This victory came less than a week after a heartbreaking defeat to Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, demonstrating Atletico’s tenacity and drive.

Derby Drama Unfolds: Atletico’s Home Advantage

Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid

The Metropolitano Stadium hosted a football spectacular as Atletico and Real Madrid met in a high-stakes derby. Atletico, who thrives on home ground, underlined their prowess by adding another chapter to their unbeaten streak of 25 straight matches at the Metropolitano in all competitions.

Griezmann and Riquelme’s Heroics: Sealing the Win in Extra Time

Following a 2-2 draw in regulation, Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann and Rodrigo Riquelme emerged victorious in extra time. Griezmann’s spectacular goal, weaving through the defence, and Riquelme’s clinical finish ensured Atletico’s triumph, wiping thoughts of their previous Super Cup failure.

Rollercoaster of Goals: From Lino to Morata and Joselu

The match was a goal-scoring rollercoaster, with Atletico taking the lead in the 39th minute through Samuel Lino. Real Madrid reacted by levelling the score after Atletico custodian Jan Oblak made a rare mistake. Álvaro Morata and Joselu scored goals, highlighting the rivalry’s ferocity.

Touchline Tensions: Simeone, Vinícius, and Intense Moments

Beyond the on-field heroics, tensions rose on the sidelines. Diego Simeone, Atletico’s coach, had harsh words with Vinícius, highlighting the emotional intensity of the match. The reported racial slurs and on-field incidents complicated an already hotly contested game.

Atletico’s Redemption: Overcoming Super Cup Setback

Atletico Madrid’s redemption story emerged as they moved past the devastating memories of their Super Cup defeat. Simeone lauded Griezmann’s spectacular goal as “amazing,” symbolising the team’s determination to come back against a difficult opponent.

What’s Next: Another Clash on the Horizon

The city rivals will meet off again on February 4 in the Spanish league at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This is the third meeting between Atletico and Real in less than a month, and it promises to be another chapter in the intense rivalry.


In conclusion, Atletico Madrid’s 4-2 victory over Real Madrid not only confirms their place in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals, but also demonstrates the team’s unwavering spirit. Overcoming setbacks, negotiating touchline tensions, and displaying incredible technique, Atletico has once again demonstrated why they are a force to be reckoned with in Spanish football.


  1. How did Griezmann secure Atletico’s win?
    Griezmann’s exceptional goal, weaving through the defense from the right side of the area, secured Atletico’s victory in extra time.
  2. What led to the reported tensions between Simeone and Vinícius?
    The touchline tensions between Simeone and Vinícius escalated due to on-field clashes and Vinícius’s celebration after Joselu’s goal.
  3. How did Atletico redeem themselves from the Super Cup loss?
    Atletico’s redemption was epitomized by Griezmann’s goal and the team’s overall commitment to overcoming the haunting memories of the Super Cup defeat.
  4. What awaits Atletico in the upcoming clash with Real Madrid?
    The city rivals will meet again on Feb. 4 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the Spanish league, promising another intense battle in their recent series of matchups.
  5. How crucial was home advantage for Atletico in this victory?
    Atletico’s home advantage at the Metropolitano Stadium played a pivotal role, contributing to their unbeaten streak and setting the stage for their remarkable comeback against Real Madrid.

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