The Office Prank: Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park in ‘IF’ Tease

The Office Prank: Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park in ‘IF’ Tease


Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park recently brought a touch of nostalgia to the entertainment scene, playfully referencing a classic moment from ‘The Office’ in a teaser for John Krasinski’s upcoming movie, ‘IF.’ This humorous encounter between Reynolds and Park not only tickled fans of the beloved sitcom but also offered a sneak peek into the dynamic world of ‘IF.’ Let’s dive into the details and explore the whimsical connection between the ‘IF’ teaser and ‘The Office’ prank.

The Office Callback

Backstage Banter

  • Ryan Reynolds Takes the Stage: Introduction to the teaser with Reynolds discussing ‘IF.’
  • Randall Park’s Surprise Appearance: Interrupting Reynolds, assuming Krasinski’s role.

Banter Unfolds

  • Reynolds’ Confusion: Questions Park’s unexpected takeover.
  • Spotting the Differences: Playful banter about Krasinski’s appearance.

Quizzing the Imposter

  • Reynolds’ Interrogation: Attempts to unveil Park’s true identity.
  • Sunday Sneak Peek: Park’s witty response, adding to the humor.

Nostalgic Nod to ‘The Office’ Prank

  • Season 9 Episode Reference: Drawing parallels to Jim’s prank on Dwight in “Andy’s Ancestry.”
  • Park as Jim’s Surrogate: Recreating the dentist office prank scenario.

Unveiling ‘IF’: A Live-Action Animated Family Film

Project Overview

  • Announcement in Oct. 2019: ‘IF’ project introduction.
  • Cailey Fleming’s Leading Role: Introduction of the protagonist, Bea.
  • Unique Concept: The revelation of Bea’s ability to see imaginary friends, referred to as “IFs.”

Plot Details

  • Bea’s Mission: Reconnecting IFs with their adult former friends.
  • The Man Upstairs (Reynolds): Introduction of Reynolds’ character and his shared abilities.
  • Live-Action Animation Fusion: Unique blend in the family film genre.

All-Star Voice Cast

  • Stellar Lineup: Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and more.
  • Characters Voiced by A-Listers: Each actor contributing their voice to the imaginary friends (IFs).
  • Diverse and Talented Cast: A noteworthy ensemble adding depth to the animated characters.


The delightful banter between Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park in the ‘IF’ teaser not only pays homage to ‘The Office’ but also sets the tone for the upcoming live-action animated family film. ‘IF’ promises a unique storyline with Cailey Fleming leading a star-studded cast in this imaginative adventure. As fans eagerly await the film’s release, the teaser leaves them with a sense of anticipation, blending humor, nostalgia, and a glimpse into the magical world of ‘IF.’


1. Why did Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park reference ‘The Office’ in the ‘IF’ teaser?

The duo playfully referenced ‘The Office’ as part of the teaser, drawing inspiration from a classic prank in the sitcom. This nod to the past adds humor and nostalgia to the promotion of ‘IF.’

2. What is the connection between ‘IF’ and ‘The Office’s’ prank scenario in Season 9 Episode “Andy’s Ancestry”?

The teaser recreates the dentist office prank scenario from ‘The Office,’ where Randall Park stands in for Jim as a surrogate, echoing the memorable prank played on Dwight in the sitcom.

3. When was ‘IF’ first announced, and who stars in the movie?

‘IF’ was first announced in October 2019. Cailey Fleming stars as Bea, joined by an all-star voice cast including Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and others.

4. What is the unique concept of ‘IF’ in terms of its storyline?

‘IF’ explores the concept of imaginary friends (IFs) left behind by adults. The protagonist, Bea, discovers her ability to see these IFs and embarks on a mission to reconnect them with their former friends.

5. How does the ‘IF’ teaser contribute to the anticipation for the movie?

The teaser, through its humor and nostalgic references, piques the audience’s interest, offering a glimpse into the world of ‘IF’ and leaving fans excited for the upcoming live-action animated family film.

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