Home Insurance Prices Are Soaring in Florida, New Mexico and more cities


The Soaring Home Insurance Prices: A Deep Dive into the Rising Costs


Home insurance, a vital shield for homeowners, is witnessing a surge in prices across the United States. A recent report by Policygenius reveals an alarming 21% increase in average home insurance costs at renewal from May 2022 to May 2023, adding to the 12% rise reported in the preceding year. The forecast for 2024 suggests another bout of double-digit increases, signifying a challenging landscape for homeowners.

The National Scenario

Yearly Escalation Trends

  • May 2022 to May 2023: A 21% surge in home insurance costs.
  • Previous Year: A 12% premium increase.
  • Future Projections: Anticipation of continued double-digit hikes in 2024.

Florida’s Peculiar Plight

  • Florida experiences a staggering 68% surge in home insurance prices in just two years.
  • Almost double the nationwide average of 35%.

Factors Behind the Soaring Costs in Florida

Historical Risk Factors

  • Hurricanes and Flooding: Inherent risks leading to traditionally high home insurance costs.
  • Recent Storms: Exacerbating the situation, contributing to the surge since 2021.
  • Roof Litigation Costs: High costs for insurers due to increased litigation, impacting overall pricing.
  • Climate Change Concerns: Growing apprehensions amplify the urgency to address insurance-related challenges.

Industry Turbulence in Florida

  • Nine property insurance companies shut down since January 2021.
  • Insurers withdrawing due to the costly nature of offering policies.

States Prone to Wildfires and Tornadoes

  • Witnessing significant average premium increases in the past two years.
  • Top Five States:
    1. Florida: 68% ($1,127 to $1,896)
    2. New Mexico: 47% ($855 to $1,255)
    3. Colorado: 46% ($1,390 to $2,031)
    4. Idaho: 46% ($552 to $804)
    5. Texas: 46% ($1,471 to $2,141)

The Wider Context of Rising Premiums

Industry Losses and Climate Disasters

  • Record-High Industry Losses: Contributing to the financial strain on insurers.
  • Severe Climate Disasters: Amplifying risks and necessitating increased coverage.
  • Prolonged Wildfire Seasons: A factor leading to elevated claims and subsequent premium hikes.
  • Higher Construction Prices: Escalating costs impacting the insurance industry.

National Average Costs

  • 2023: National average annual cost reaches approximately $1,700.
  • 2019: A substantial increase from $1,175.
  • Matic’s Report: Highlights the continuous upward trend.

Impact of Natural Disasters on Costs

  • States affected by disasters witness a pronounced spike.
  • Florida (Hurricane Ian): Contributing to a surge in insurance costs.
  • New Mexico and Colorado: Record wildfires leave lasting impacts on insurance pricing.

Wildfire Risk Challenges

  • Not only raising insurance costs but also limiting coverage options.
  • Insurer’s Response: Reducing exposure in high-risk areas, leading to coverage scarcity.

Navigating the Costs: Strategies for Homeowners

  • Shopping Around: Comparing quotes from multiple companies to find competitive rates.
  • Consider Higher Deductibles: A strategy to lower premiums.
  • Other Money-Saving Strategies: Exploring various approaches to optimize home insurance costs.


The surge in home insurance prices, especially in states like Florida, presents a multifaceted challenge. From historical risk factors to recent climate disasters, several elements contribute to the escalating costs. Homeowners, faced with the dilemma of rising premiums, can navigate this landscape by adopting strategic approaches and exploring cost-saving measures. As the industry grapples with unprecedented challenges, the onus is on homeowners to secure their homes without compromising financial well-being.


1. Why is Florida experiencing such a significant surge in home insurance prices?

Florida’s vulnerability to hurricanes, recent storms, roof litigation costs, and mounting climate change concerns collectively contribute to the substantial increase in home insurance prices.

2. Which states saw the highest average premium increases in the past two years?

The top five states with the largest average premium increases from May 2021 to May 2023 are Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, and Texas.

3. What are the factors behind the national rise in home insurance costs?

Factors include record-high industry losses, severe climate disasters, prolonged wildfire seasons, and higher construction prices, all contributing to the upward trend in home insurance costs.

4. How can homeowners navigate the rising costs of home insurance?

Homeowners can navigate rising costs by shopping around for competitive quotes, considering higher deductibles, and exploring various money-saving strategies.

5. Is the scarcity of coverage in high-risk areas related to the increased risk of wildfires?

Yes, insurers are reducing exposure in high-risk areas, not only raising insurance costs but also making it challenging for homeowners to find coverage, particularly in regions prone to wildfires.

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