WATCH Tesla Cybertruck: Revisiting the Steel Ball Test

WATCH Tesla Cybertruck: Revisiting the Steel Ball Test

Tesla Cybertruck Steel Ball Test : In the memorable 2019 Tesla Cybertruck unveiling, CEO Elon Musk and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen aimed to demonstrate the durability of their creation. Their strategy involved subjecting the Cybertruck to both a forceful sledgehammer hit and the impact of a steel ball on its windows. However, the result turned out to be unforeseen, as the window glass yielded to the initial sledgehammer blow, leaving it compromised. Subsequently, the steel ball left its mark on the driver’s side window, adding an unexpected twist to the grand unveiling.

This unexpected turn of events became a defining moment, sparking discussions and even humor within the community. Despite the initial setback, it prompted Tesla to revisit and enhance the Cybertruck’s design and resilience. This incident, now etched in the vehicle’s history, became a catalyst for subsequent rigorous testing and improvements, reinforcing the commitment to delivering a truly robust and reliable all-electric truck. The 2024 retesting, as seen on the YouTube channel TechRax, served as a redemption of sorts, highlighting the progress made in fortifying the Cybertruck’s windows and solidifying its standing as a symbol of strength and innovation in the automotive industry.

Tesla Cybertruck meets the steel ball test once again

Fast forward four and a half years, and the Cybertruck faced a déjà vu moment. This time, the scrutiny came from the YouTube channel TechRax, which replicated the infamous steel ball test without the preliminary sledgehammer hit. The result, fortunately, was a success, marking a stark contrast to the 2019 mishap.

Tesla Cybertruck : Enhanced Testing

In addition to the steel ball retest, TechRax incorporated a new and revised test, reminiscent of the one performed at the Cybertruck Delivery Event in November. Both evaluations yielded positive outcomes, showcasing the improved durability of the Cybertruck’s windows. This success is particularly noteworthy, considering the 2019 incident became a lighthearted meme surrounding the vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck : Beyond the Ball Tests

While the steel ball tests highlighted the Cybertruck’s resilience, it’s essential to recognize that Tesla subjected its all-electric beast to more rigorous assessments. The vehicle endured gunfire testing, facing powerful firearms like the Tommy Gun. This demonstrated the Cybertruck’s ability to protect occupants by preventing bullets from penetrating the cabin.

The Indestructible Beast

Despite the initial hiccup in 2019, the Cybertruck has proven itself as a formidable vehicle through various trials. Surviving gunfire and withstanding extensive testing, including the recent steel ball retest, the Cybertruck stands as a symbol of durability and reliability.

Tesla Cybertruck Steel Ball Test 4 Years ago


The Tesla Cybertruck’s encounter with the steel ball test once again reaffirms its strength and resilience. While the initial unveiling incident became a momentary setback, subsequent testing and improvements have solidified the Cybertruck’s reputation as an indestructible force on the road.


1. How did the Cybertruck perform in the 2024 steel ball test?

Both the original steel ball test and the revised version conducted by TechRax in 2024 were successful. The Cybertruck’s windows withstood the impact, showcasing enhanced durability.

2. What other tests has the Cybertruck undergone?

Apart from the steel ball tests, Tesla subjected the Cybertruck to gunfire testing with firearms like the Tommy Gun. The vehicle demonstrated the capability to resist bullets, ensuring occupant safety.

3. Why was the 2019 steel ball test significant for the Cybertruck?

The 2019 steel ball test became noteworthy as the vehicle’s windows failed to withstand the impact, leading to a humorous meme. The 2024 retest, however, marked a successful redemption for the Cybertruck.

4. How has the Cybertruck proven its durability beyond the steel ball tests?

The Cybertruck has showcased its durability by surviving extensive testing, including gunfire. Its ability to endure various challenges reinforces its reputation as an indestructible vehicle.

5. What does the Cybertruck’s resilience in testing signify for owners?

Owners can take assurance from the Cybertruck’s successful testing, ensuring the vehicle’s safety in everyday scenarios. Whether parked at a Little League game or faced with impromptu tests, the Cybertruck stands as a reliable and robust choice.

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