Jason Kelce Retire: Mom Donna Kelce talked about Travis Kelce and Jason career

Jason Kelce Retire: Mom Donna Kelce talked about Travis Kelce and Jason career

Jason Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, paused to consider what made her son stand out before he announced his retirement from football. Rather of emphasising his possible Hall of Fame future, she highlighted the love the city of Philadelphia had for him and the passion he put into the game.

Before Jason announced his retirement, Donna Kelce said in an interview with TODAY.com, “It’s really heartwarming to see how Philadelphia has welcomed him.” “Jason is an extraordinary individual, fueled by the fire that comes from being told he can’t do something.”

Beyond awards, Jason Kelce leaves a lasting impact in athletics that inspires teammates and spectators alike with his fervour and tenacity.

Jason Kelce retirement

Jason Kelce retire
Jason Kelce retire

Jason Kelce informed his teammates that he was retiring after the Philadelphia Eagles’ season-ending 32-9 playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 15. The NFL has confirmed Kelce’s decision. In a moving moment, Kelce declared the end of his incredible football career, making a lasting impression on the Eagles’ history. With his retirement, an era of hard work and achievement comes to an end. As we say goodbye to a gridiron icon, Kelce’s legacy with the Eagles will live on forever.

Taylor Swift’s younger brother, Travis Kelce, is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and is still in the running for the Super Bowl.

Thinking back on her sons’ NFL careers, Donna Kelce adds, “I just am really, really thrilled that both cities really feel very attached to both Jason and Travis.” “They’re incredibly charismatic individuals that draw amazing people to be around them. It’s a lot of fun.”

Donna Kelce maintains that she is simply a mother, despite the press, the widely shared recipes, and of course, the photos featuring Taylor Swift.

The woman known as “Mama Kelce” discussed raising two professional players who were “a handful” as a child in an extensive interview with TODAY.com.

How did she manage to calm them down and stop fighting back then? One word, only: “Dad!”

“It was that,” she says to TODAY.com. “Once they got to a certain size, I couldn’t do anything.”

She claims that the brothers have “always been close.”

“If somebody said something bad about their brother, they would be the first to defend them,” she continues.

However, they experienced “sibling rivalry” as well.

“There just is, you’re constantly fighting in the pecking order, and that’s just the way families are,” she continues. “I believe that many individuals attempt to prevent that. However, there are some positive aspects as well, such as learning how to relate to others.”

When they were in high school, they stopped fighting physically.

“Once they were the same height and the same weight, it was done, because it was equal, and they were going to hurt each other,” she continues. “There’s always one fight, and it’s the last one.”

On January 13, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs defeated the Miami Dolphins 26-7 to win their first-ever playoff game. The Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs the following day.

Donna Kelce saw both of the games.

 Taylor Swift and the paparazzi

Travis Kelce
 Taylor Swift

Donna Kelce is teaming up with Heluva Good! dips to create a big game countdown calendar featuring seven days of recipes, including one of her own, to commemorate the football postseason. After all, she claims, the food is essential to a good tailgate.

This partnership is just one of the ways the well-known NFL mother has engaged directly with fans.

“Everybody that’s come up to me has been very gracious, very supportive, and they tell me that they love my boys,” she continues. “What mum doesn’t want to hear that?”

When her sons were three years old, they began playing football as their first sport. She claims that at this moment, she doesn’t get anxious before their games.

It just comes naturally to me. This is but a portion of who they are. It’s fun for me. I enjoy myself,” she says. Really, there is no ritual. My level of superstition is low.”

There is one reliable habit she has on game day.

“I like to let them know that I’ll be watching and wish them good luck,” she continues.

Even recalling their first playoff matches—Jason’s in 2013 and Travis’ in 2016—she said she was more “surprised.”

“When they were growing up, they were on teams in high school that weren’t really winning teams, so it was very exciting,” she recalls.

With their Super Bowl victories at the beginning and her son Travis’s romance with Taylor Swift at the close, she has called 2023 a “great ride.”

Partying with celebs seems to be a regular occurrence for Donna Kelce. This was seen on January 13, when she and Swift went viral for joining in on a stadium-wide swag surf during the Chiefs vs. Dolphins playoff game.

Due to her regular participation at the games, Swift is frequently in the spotlight, as is occasionally Donna Kelce due to her close proximity.

“It’s kind of funny that they’re following an old lady,” she says in jest. “But it’s obviously because of my boys and who they know, so I totally understand the glamour about it, but I’m just a regular mum like everybody else.”

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In her account, she mentions encountering a diverse array of “characters” through her sons’ well-known football companions.

“These are big personalities—full of love for life, animated, with a treasure trove of great stories derived from the people they’ve met and the experiences they’ve had,” she expresses. “There’s a constant stream of stories, some touching and others downright hilarious.

“So, my greatest joy lies in sharing these moments with them, alongside their teammates,” she adds.

I’d like to say I was the kind of mom who diligently prepared snacks for the team, but truth be told, I simply bought them all.


This camaraderie extends beyond her immediate family to include other NFL moms.

“They are truly remarkable individuals,” she acknowledges. “I understand the challenges they’ve faced, creating a bond that comes from shared sacrifices.”

It’s an immediate connection forged through mutual dedication.

“We all know the hard work we put in when they were younger, trying to make ends meet because it’s an expensive journey,” she reflects.

Describing what it was like to feed the Kelce boys, Donna Kelce reveals that calculating the time spent preparing for or attending her sons’ games is nearly impossible.

“I can’t even fathom it; there were very few days we weren’t occupied with something,” she shares. “So, I don’t know—30 years multiplied by at least one or two hours each day.”

While her sons were growing up, Donna Kelce worked in banking.

“I wish I could say I was the mom who meticulously crafted snacks and brought them, but I wasn’t,” she confesses. “I bought them all.”

“They were marshmallow treats, gummies, this and that—anything to give them a little extra energy, and then we’d go out and enjoy a hearty meal afterward.”

When they entered college, she felt like she got a raise due to the significant reduction in her grocery bill.

“It’s constant grazing. You prepare a huge meal… and they would be hungry an hour later,” she reminisces.

Donna Kelce’s affectionate title from her grandchildren is “DeeDee.”

“It’s the first initial of my name and usually the first consonant they can say,” she explains.

Regarding her grandparenting style, she doesn’t consider herself a “typical” grandmother because she’s not “around 24/7.”

“I prefer to fly in, have a fantastic time, and then fly back out,” she admits, “much to the probable chagrin of my son and his wife.”

She adds that she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her three granddaughters.

“It’s a wonderful experience to see life through the eyes of a child,” she concludes.


How did Travis meet Taylor?

The prominent partnership began after the Kansas City Chiefs athlete mishandled trying to give the 33-year-old “Blank Space” singer a friendship bracelet bearing his phone number during Taylor’s Eras Tour performance at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, earlier this year.

What is Travis Kelce nationality?

Born in Westlake, Ohio, on October 5, 1989, Travis Kelce is an NFL tight end who sets records and has two Super Bowl rings (2020, 2023) with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Did Taylor Swift reach out to Travis Kelce?

Kelce revealed that Swift contacted him after someone on her staff, or possibly a family member, brought him to her attention. He also revealed that Swift and Kelce had been communicating for some time prior to their initial in-person meeting in New York.

Who was Travis previous wife?

Shanna Moakler

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