Lewis Hamilton set to make shock switch to Ferrari in F1 2025

Lewis Hamilton set to make shock switch to Ferrari in F1 2025

Although it is unclear whether a definitive contract has been inked, Motorsport.com knows that negotiations are advanced and may be completed by the end of this week.

Ferrari has long been interested in Hamilton’s services, but its prior approaches have been turned down because the seven-time champion believes Mercedes provides a better path to success.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

However, following two hard seasons for Mercedes, it appears that Ferrari is on the verge of convincing Hamilton that it is a superior option for the future.

Lewis Hamilton signed a multi-year contract with Mercedes for 2024 and 2025 last year, although the second season appears to have been an option.

That implies Hamilton will have an escape clause, allowing him to join Ferrari beginning in 2025.

Ferrari and Mercedes declined to comment on the situation.

Mercedes’ future

If Lewis Hamilton’s move is confirmed, it will be a significant blow to Mercedes, which had extensive contract negotiations with him last year to guarantee his services for this year.

Speaking shortly after the agreement was completed, Hamilton expressed confidence that Mercedes had learned from its hard 2022/2023 seasons and would have a chance to return to glory with its all-new car for this season.

When asked by Motorsport.com at last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix if he ever doubted his chances of returning to the front, he replied, “No, not when we were negotiating.

“I have faith that we will get there; we have been here before as a team, and while we are adding new members, we still have strong ideals, and I see a lot of focus in everyone.

He said, “I suppose for this year [2023], they assumed the fundamentals were solid and we just had to go here, but that is not the case. That’s why I was unhappy in February: they hadn’t made the modifications I’d requested.

“But with the changes we are making, I hope I was, I hope we are right and, yeah, but I guess we have no idea what the Red Bulls are going to do.”

It is unknown what triggered Hamilton’s probable change of heart over his commitment to Mercedes, where he had supposed to finish his Formula One career.

Early signs from the Mercedes wind tunnel point to the new W15 being a positive step forward for the squad, and the German manufacturer recently announced that team head Toto Wolff and technical director James Allison have extended their jobs indefinitely.

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