Uber CEO says Super Bowl ads aren’t worth it without celebrity promotion

Uber CEO says Super Bowl ads aren’t worth it without celebrity promotion

Super Bowl ads have become cultural phenomena, often remembered and discussed long after the final touchdown. Dara Khosrowshahi recognizes their significance but notes that the exorbitant price tag—over $7 million for just half a minute—may not be justifiable for companies merely seeking a momentary spotlight.

The Cost of Super Bowl Ads:

The cost of a Super Bowl ad has skyrocketed, posing challenges for companies looking to maximize their return on investment. Khosrowshahi suggests that if a company is only buying for that specific moment, the price might not be worth it.

Uber Eats’ Approach:

Uber Eats, however, takes a different approach. Khosrowshahi highlights their Super Bowl ad, featuring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, as a prime example of making the hefty price tag worthwhile. The minute-long ad, titled “Don’t Forget Uber Eats,” showcases the comedic side of forgetting basic facts, ultimately revealing Aniston’s forgetfulness about her work with Schwimmer on “Friends.”

The Evolution of Celebrity Endorsements:

According to Khosrowshahi, celebrities are not just stars anymore; they are powerful media vehicles. The era of celebrities using their social media to amplify advertising is a crucial aspect of making Super Bowl ads impactful.

Uber’s Long-Term Campaign:

The Uber Eats Super Bowl ad is not a one-time venture but the starting point of a more extensive campaign planned over the next three to six months. Khosrowshahi emphasizes the significance of a campaign that carries on, ensuring a sustained presence in the minds of consumers.

The Power of Stars in Advertising:

Historically, celebrities have been used to endorse products, but Khosrowshahi suggests that in the contemporary landscape, stars themselves have become potent marketing tools. The return for your money, he says, comes when celebrities use their own brands to endorse a product.

Celebrities and Social Media:

In today’s digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in advertising. Khosrowshahi underlines the importance of celebrities amplifying advertising through their social media channels. The synergy between traditional ads and online presence creates a more significant impact.

The Aniston-Schwimmer Uber Eats Ad:

The “Don’t Forget Uber Eats” ad not only showcases the forgetful side of individuals but also highlights the chemistry between Aniston and Schwimmer. The ad’s success is further amplified as Aniston shares it on her Instagram, demonstrating the modern approach of celebrities integrating their personal brand into endorsements.

Uber’s Advertising Strategy:

Uber’s strategy involves not just a one-off collaboration but a continuous partnership with celebrities. Leveraging their popularity, Uber aims to create a lasting impression on consumers, moving beyond the momentary impact of a Super Bowl ad.


In conclusion, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi provides insights into the intricate world of Super Bowl advertising. The collaboration with big stars, the evolution of celebrity endorsements, and the integration of social media contribute to the success of a campaign. Super Bowl ads, when strategically planned and part of a more extensive marketing strategy, can indeed be worth the significant investment.


Are Super Bowl ads really worth the high cost?
The worth of Super Bowl ads depends on factors like star power, campaign longevity, and social media amplification.

How does Uber plan to sustain the impact of its Super Bowl ad?
Uber intends to extend the success of its Super Bowl ad through a broader advertising campaign over the next three to six months.

Why did Uber choose Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for its ad?
The familiarity and chemistry between Aniston and Schwimmer, coupled with their social media presence, made them ideal for Uber’s campaign.

What role does social media play in modern advertising?
Social media is a powerful tool, with celebrities using their platforms to amplify advertising and engage a broader audience.

How does Uber differentiate its advertising strategy from others?
Uber focuses on prolonged campaigns, leveraging celebrity partnerships, and integrating social media to create a lasting brand impression.

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