Justin Mohn : WATCH Pennsylvania man arrested after displaying his head on YouTube and allegedly decapitating his father


In a disturbing incident, a 32-year-old Pennsylvania man, Justin Mohn, is arrested for allegedly decapitating his father, Michael Mohn. The gruesome act took an even darker turn when Justin posted a horrifying video on YouTube, showcasing his father’s severed head. The content of the video, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call To Arms For American Patriots,” included disturbing statements targeting various groups and officials.

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The charges against Justin Mohn include first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possessing an instrument of crime with intent. The video, over 14 minutes long, was removed by YouTube for violating their policies on graphic violence and violent extremism. Mohn was seen wearing gloves, holding his father’s head in a plastic bag, and later placing it in a cooking pot.

Justin Mohn has a history of filing federal lawsuits, claiming negligence by government agencies regarding student loans. His social media presence, where he promoted his music and books, revealed a disturbing non-fiction work titled “The Revolution Leader’s Survival Guide,” warning of a peaceful revolution.

The gruesome scene was discovered by Michael Mohn’s wife, Denice, who found her husband decapitated in their home. The police found a machete and a large kitchen knife in the bathroom, along with Michael’s head in a bedroom’s cooking pot. Justin was missing, along with his father’s car. He was later stopped and arrested about 100 miles away from the crime scene at Fort Indian Town Gap.

The motive for this horrifying act is still under investigation. Police noted prior contacts with Justin Mohn, dating back several years. There is no attorney listed for him in court records.

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