How to Play Palworld multiplayer Game with friends


Palworld, a Pokémon-themed survival crafting game, offers a multiplayer component, but it can be tricky. There is no PvP in the game, and while you can work with your buddies to create larger bases and defeat monsters, portion of the progression is done solo.

Having said that, playing games is more enjoyable with more people. Below, we will describe how Palworld’s multiplayer and crossplay (or lack thereof) function.



You can host or join your friends in a personal save file (up to four players) or on a dedicated server (up to 32 players). To join a personal save file, simply enter the invitation code, which the host player can see in their settings.

If the invite code does not appear, you, the host, may need to activate the multiplayer option in the world settings. Every time you start a new session, you’ll need to provide your buddies the invite code because a new code will be generated.

To play on a dedicated server, you can join one of Palworld’s public servers, run your own, or pay for a hosting service.

Dedicated servers are currently only available on Steam, thus unless you wish to limit yourself to four-player sessions, you must play on Steam.


Multiplayer behaves considerably differently than the standard game mode. Here are some notable differences:

  • You can take down tower bosses, like Zoe and Grizzbolt, together as a group.
  • Guilds function like parties and only those in your guild can work on your base with you. If your friends want to build unique bases, they will want to be in their own guild.
  • When you die, you’ll also drop all your Pals in addition to your gear.
  • World exploration is solo. Players will have to individually uncover the map and unlock fast travel points.
  • Loot is unique to the world, not the player. If you see a chest or a shiny Pal Sphere on the ground and pick it up, your buddies can’t have it.

It’s also worth noting that our dedicated server encountered some strange glitches that didn’t exist when we were playing solo, however we’re not sure whether these are multiplayer or server issues. This includes being unable to jump up cliffs without collapsing (requiring you to painstakingly climb up) and objects not being counted correctly when building. Palworld is an early access game, thus it’s not surprising that there are some issues.


The Xbox and Steam versions do not support crossplay. Furthermore, the version available via Xbox Game Pass on PC is not crossplay compatible with the Steam version of the game.

If you want to play with your friends, you must either buy it all on Steam or all on Xbox.


According to the same FAQ noted above, developer Pocketpair has no intentions to debut on the PlayStation 5, but “will consider it during development.”

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