Evansville Tornado Touchdown: Twister Headed Towards Edgerton Amid Reports of Power Outages

Evansville Tornado Touchdown: Twister Headed Towards Edgerton Amid Reports of Power Outages


On a stormy Thursday night, Evansville, Wisconsin, experienced a rare and powerful natural phenomenon: a confirmed tornado. This event unfolded in the aftermath of a series of warnings issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for the state of Wisconsin. Notably, this was the first twister spotted in the state during February, according to the NWS.

Key Details

  • Tornado Confirmation: A tornado had been spotted in Evansville, sending residents into alert mode. This marked a significant weather event for the region.
  • Power Outages: The impact of the tornado was evident through downed power lines throughout the city, including a section of multiple power lines along Wallin Road. Emergency responders and local media reports confirmed this situation.
  • Path of Destruction: The NWS meteorologists on the ground also confirmed a large twister in Madison, which was part of the same weather system. The tornado caused wind damage along a path from Albany northeast to Fort Atkinson. The affected areas witnessed significant destruction.
  • Speed and Direction: At its peak, the tornado was estimated to be moving at a speed of 45 mph as it approached Evansville. The NWS reported that the twister was headed to the northeast.
  • Severe Weather Alert: Overall, 20 counties in Wisconsin were expected to experience severe weather conditions throughout the night. Residents were alerted to the sound of alarms as the tornado approached nearby cities.

Safety Measures

  • If you are in an affected area, follow safety guidelines:
    • Seek shelter in a safe location away from windows and exterior walls.
    • Stay tuned to local authorities and weather updates.
    • Be prepared for power outages and potential damage.


The Evansville tornado serves as a reminder of the unpredictable forces of nature. As we reflect on this event, let’s prioritize safety and preparedness. Stay informed, stay safe, and be vigilant during severe weather conditions.

Remember, nature’s fury can strike unexpectedly, but our resilience and preparedness can make a difference.

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