Devastating Incident: 9-Year-Old Fatally Struck by School Bus in Orlando

Devastating Incident: 9-Year-Old Fatally Struck by School Bus in Orlando


In a heart-wrenching incident in Orlando, a 9-year-old boy tragically lost his life after being run over by a school bus. The devastating occurrence unfolded at the Waterford East Apartments when the boy exited the Orange County Public School bus. The ensuing events marked a profound tragedy for both the family and the investigators involved.

School Bus
School Bus

Unfolding of the Tragedy

The Exit and Fatal Encounter

The young student, a attendee of Lawton Chiles Elementary School, alighted the bus at the apartment complex. However, a fateful decision to return and crawl under the bus proved to be fatal as the right, back tire tragically struck him, leading to his immediate demise.

Ongoing Investigation

The Florida Highway Patrol, as of Tuesday afternoon, is actively investigating the incident, with a pending video review to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Lieutenant Tara Crescenzi, a spokesperson, expressed the profound impact on both the family and the investigators grappling with the aftermath.

Impact on the School Community

Grief and Condolences

The school district, deeply affected by the loss of the young student, released a statement extending condolences to the grieving family. Superintendent Dr. Maria Vazquez expressed deep sorrow, urging the community to unite in prayers for the Lawton Chiles Elementary School community during this challenging time.

Driver’s Role and Cooperation

The 54-year-old bus driver, a long-serving member of the school district, was at the center of the investigation. Lt. Crescenzi confirmed his cooperation, highlighting his more than a decade-long tenure. The emotional toll on the driver and the broader school community underscores the magnitude of this tragic incident.

Reflections on the Investigation

Ongoing Video Review

As the investigation progresses, the Florida Highway Patrol aims to glean insights from the video review, providing a comprehensive understanding of the events leading to the fatal accident. The intricate details of the incident will play a crucial role in determining any potential factors contributing to the tragedy.

Emotional Impact on Investigators

Lt. Crescenzi acknowledged the emotional toll on the investigators, emphasizing the profound impact of investigating such distressing scenes. The delicate balance between professional duty and empathetic engagement is evident in the investigator’s sentiments.


In the wake of this heartbreaking incident, the Orlando community grapples with the profound loss of a young life. The collaborative efforts of investigators and the support extended by the school district emphasize the importance of unity in times of tragedy. As we await the findings of the ongoing investigation, our hearts go out to the grieving family and the entire Lawton Chiles Elementary School community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What were the circumstances leading to the tragic incident involving the 9-year-old boy and the school bus?
  • The boy exited the bus but returned, crawling under it, resulting in a fatal encounter with the right, back tire.
  1. How is the school district responding to the tragedy, and what role does the bus driver play in the investigation?
  • The school district expresses condolences and seeks prayers for the grieving community. The bus driver, a long-serving member, is cooperating in the ongoing investigation.
  1. What steps are being taken in the ongoing investigation, and how does the video review contribute to understanding the incident?
  • The Florida Highway Patrol is actively investigating, with a pending video review to provide insights into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.
  1. How is the emotional toll on investigators being addressed in the aftermath of such a distressing scene?
  • Lt. Tara Crescenzi acknowledged the emotional impact on investigators, highlighting the challenging nature of their professional duty in such cases.
  1. What is the school district’s message to the broader community during this challenging time?
  • Superintendent Dr. Maria Vazquez urges unity in prayers for the Lawton Chiles Elementary School community, deeply affected by the loss of a young student.

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