Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Price, Review and Specs (2024)

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Price, Review and Specs (2024)

Prepare to be dazzled by Samsung’s magnum opus, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, as it takes center stage, locking horns with the Mac in a tech showdown. Unveiling an array of innovations, including the powerhouse RTX 4000 series GPU, this sophisticated marvel is causing seismic ripples in the tech landscape. In this comprehensive exploration, we will dissect the intricacies of the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, navigating through its labyrinth of performance, GPU capabilities, display prowess, design finesse, connectivity wizardry, battery resilience, and more.

Galaxy Book 3 Ultra: Deciphering the Performance Symphony

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra

Behold the 2023 flagship, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, a marvel of engineering boasting an awe-inspiring configuration. Armed with an RTX 4050, a 13th gen i7, and a 512GB storage arsenal in its baseline model, it graces the market with a compelling price tag. The coveted Intel Evo certification crowns its glory, positioning it as a formidable adversary to the MacBook 16. Yet, the concerns arise with soldered-on memory and the conspicuous absence of a 32GB RAM variant in the upper echelons of its model hierarchy.

Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Quantum Leap

A dazzling feature that sets the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra apart is the integration of Nvidia’s 4050 and 4070 GPUs. This infusion catapults the device to new heights, offering a spectacle of 4608 Cuda cores, 8GB of GDR6 VRAM, and a 60-watt TGP in its zenith model. While surpassing integrated chips like the XE range, it gracefully treads the fine line between performance prowess and the allure of portability.

The Kaleidoscopic Display Journey of Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Immerse yourself in the visual feast served by the Galaxy Book 3’s mesmerizing 16:10, 120Hz AMOLED display boasting a resplendent 3K resolution. Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED 2x panel elevates the visual experience with brighter displays, enhanced HDR, and color accuracy, a utopia for graphic virtuosos. Despite a glossy finish, the screen attains an unparalleled zenith of brightness, rivaling even Samsung’s officially declared figures.

Design Ballet: Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’s Artistry

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Adorned in a cloak of sophistication mirroring the MacBook, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra marries elegance with portability, weighing a mere 1.79 kilograms with a majestic 16-inch screen. However, the keyboard layout and key sizes bear the brunt of compromises owing to the dominance of the expansive trackpad.

Navigating the Constellation of Connectivity in Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Embark on a connectivity odyssey with dual Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, USB-A 3.2, a Micro SD card reader, audio jack, and an HDMI 2 Port. While commendable, the absence of HDMI 2.1 and a full-size SD slot may leave some users yearning for more. On the flip side, the Vapor chamber cooler and the upgradable PCIe4 SSD fortify the device’s holistic performance.

The Vital Pulse: Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’s Endurance Expedition

The life force of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra resides in its 76-watt-hour battery, a vital determinant of its utility. Unleashing around seven to eight hours of ethereal light use and a daring one and a half hours of gaming prowess on battery, it unfurls its wings. Yet, the caveat lies in the symbiotic dependence on being tethered, with discernible performance ebbs in the realm of demanding titles when untethered.

Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’s Sonic and Visual Enigma

Indulge your senses in the auditory utopia crafted by the quad AKG-tuned speakers, weaving a tapestry of clear and resonant audio sans compromise on quality. While the webcam may lack the warm embrace of Windows Hello, its visual prowess shines through, offering modes like the captivating eye contact and the enigmatic background blur.

In a Nutshell: Quest through the Cosmos with Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Specifications Constellation:

  • RTX 4050, 13th gen i7, 512GB storage, Intel Evo certification. A celestial dance against MacBook 16.

Processional Overture:

  • Potent 45W Intel 13th gen i7/i9 processors, 16GB to 32GB RAM (firmly soldered).

GPU Odyssey Continues:

  • Nvidia RTX 4050/4070 GPU with 4608 Cuda cores, 8GB GDR6 VRAM, 60W TGP. Performance waltz for the virtuosic voyage.

Display Kaleidoscope:

  • 16:10, 120Hz AMOLED display, 3K resolution, Dynamic AMOLED 2x panel. A visual symphony for graphic artisans with a palette of accurate colors.

Design Ballet Continuation:

  • Elegant, premium design, 1.79kg weight, 16-inch screen. A harmonious compromise in the keyboard’s choreography.

Connectivity Constellation:

  • Dual Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, USB-A 3.2, Micro SD card reader, audio jack, HDMI 2 Port. The Vapor chamber cooler and the upgradable PCIe4 SSD add celestial dimensions.

Battery Life Saga:

  • 76Wh battery, 7-8 hours of ethereal light use, 1.5 hours of gaming prowess. A performance sonnet with discernible nuances in the realm of the untethered.

Audio & Visual Harmony:

  • Quad AKG-tuned speakers, resounding audio. Webcam devoid of Windows Hello but weaving visual enigmas with modes like the captivating eye contact.

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