Is Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo Performing on ‘SNL’ This Weekend?

Jennifer Lopez

In the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, Jennifer Lopez, or shall we say J.Lo, is set to perform as the musical guest. However, in the promotional material for the show, there seems to be some confusion about her stage name. Host Ayo Edebiri introduces her as the musical guest, prompting a disappointed reaction from SNL cast member Heidi Gardner, who was hoping for J.Lo.

The confusion continues as Gardner insists that Lopez’s name is Jennifer Lopez, not J.Lo. Lopez clarifies that J.Lo is a shortened version of her full name, Jennifer Lopez. A humorous exchange follows, with Edebiri sharing that her name Ayo is short for “I owned the first combination Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins,” though she later admits it’s just a joke.

In the promos, Lopez expresses her excitement about the episode, mentioning her admiration for Edebiri’s show, The Bear. Edebiri responds with a compliment, and Gardner shares her love for a picturesque fall morning.

As for the suggestion of doing something funny together, Edebiri proposes the idea of locking SNL cast member Bowen Yang in a green room, leading to a humorous revelation that Lopez already did something similar that morning. Gardner, concerned, seeks clarification if it was a sketch or if Yang is okay.

This episode marks Edebiri’s first time hosting SNL, while it will be Lopez’s fourth appearance on the show, showcasing her versatility as both a musical guest and host. Lopez is using this platform to promote her upcoming ninth studio album, “This Is Me… Now,” a sequel to her 2002 album “This Is Me… Then.”

The promotional banter hints at a lighthearted and entertaining episode, with the cast and host gearing up for a blend of humor and musical performances. Fans can anticipate a lively show with Jennifer Lopez taking the stage once again on Saturday Night Live.

Watch the amusing promos for a sneak peek into the dynamic between the host, musical guest, and cast members.

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